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Angel Talk explores the world of angels—who they are, where they come from and what they do. The Angel Lady's goal is to provide practical and beneficial tools, known as Angel First Aid Techniques, for achieving greater health, happiness, and prosperity. The show will provide a place for everyone to receive the guidance, support and encouragement that will enable them to thrive and be more successful.

Angels are most definitely a part of our collective culture. There are movies and books and countless songs that are made in tribute to these celestial beings. Now, author Sue Storm has created an easy to follow guide that identifies different angels who can offer love, guidance, and support for any kind of problem: Prosperity, Relationships, Family, Finances, Health, and more!

  ANGEL FIRST AID Remedies for Life, Love, and Prosperity ($17.95 / 9781402770876 / March 2010 / Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.) includes visualization exercises to summon the correct angel, as well as illustrative case studies of angels orchestrating serendipitous events-saving marriages, averting disasters and creating friendships. Easy to use, fun, and effective, ANGEL FIRST AID is a valuable resource for anyone who has ever hoped for a little guidance, counsel, or reassurance from "up there."

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    Sue Storm, founder of Angelight Productions, has enlightened and uplifted countless audiences for the past two decades. The staff of The Daily Show gave her the title, "The Angel Lady." Sue Storm has international visibility as she has been interviewed on 1,500 radio programs including shows in Australia, Guam, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Through her radio shows, television programs, personal appearances, and visionary consultations, she has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world.

Highlights of Sue Storm's career include: articles in the Chicago Tribune, Pittsburgh Gazette, Daily Herald, and Naperville Sun; television appearances on Fox News, The Daily Show, NBC Afternoon News, and Talk Soup. Speaking engagements include: Re/Max of Illinois, Mutual Trust Insurance Company, Whole Life Expo, United Airlines Pilots Wives, Women in Management, Northwest Hospital, and many bookstores, libraries, and Chambers of Commerce.

Sue Storm has written two books, Angel First Aid, Rx for Miracles and Angel First Aid, Rx for Success. Her upcoming book is Angel First Aid, Rx for True Love: Getting It Right.

Her professional affiliations are: Publisher's Marketing Association, Chicago Women in Publishing, Association of Networking Women, National Speakers Association, and the Professional Speakers Bureau.




Personal Consultation
A personal consultation is an enlightening and rewarding experience. From romance to finance, Angels provide a support system. If success, prosperity, happiness and
personal growth are your goals, then an Angelic consultation is essential. At the end of the session you will feel energized and have a new perspective.

Angel Reading
An Angel Reading is an opportunity to get answers to all of your important questions. The Angel Lady offers advice on various subjects, such as: relationships, careers, success and inner peace. This is the perfect method to receive a message from your Guardian Angels and learn how to use Sue Storm's self-help books.

Speaking Engagements
A speaking engagement can be a speech, seminar or workshop. Whichever format you choose, it is an interactive experience. Everyone will learn the names of their Angels and how to communicate with them on a regular basis. The Angel Lady demonstrates remedies and visualization exercises known as Angel First Aid Techniques.

Angel Party
An Angel Party is presented for a group of people interested in communicating with their Angels. Guests will learn Angel First Aid remedies and personal Guardian Angel names in an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere. The party consists of a group presentation followed by short, personal readings. Angel Parties are available in the Chicagoland area.

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